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Feeling Mom's Tummy


Jasmin, also known as Itzpapalotl (Obsidian Butterfly in Nahuatl), has ancestral roots from Jalisco and proudly comes from a lineage of Huirarika people. She attended Heald College for Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting and Carrington College for Massage Therapy. 


Jasmin has a background in traditional Anahuac danza and ceremony, which she integrates into her work supporting families as a massage therapist. She has been walking the Red Road for most of her life and always carries herself in a grounded and connected way. Her ancestors support her work every day and she serves Santa Clara County in California.

Photo of Jasmin, Owner of Oxomohco Birth & Body Work

Your Massage Therapist and Doula

Jasmin comes from a large family with many birth stories, which has inspired her work as a doula. In 2019, she began working as a volunteer doula at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and decided to do body work full time. She established Oxomohco in 2020 and loves every aspect of her work. 


As an indigenous person, she is passionate about ensuring that the families she works with have access to resources, information, and support for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.


Schedule a consultation or book a body work appointment. Jasmin welcomes you and your family.

Amanda Bryand

Amanda Bryand, CMT # 48034 is a Neuromuscular massage therapist that specializes in injury prevention and pain management. 

She works with all age groups, everyone is considered an athlete, no matter what they do. 

Amanda specializes in prenatal, perinatal & postpartum massage. 

Her goal is to educate her patients so they can continue to do the things they love.


She graduated Institute Business of Technology (IBT) in 2013 from the massage core program and became an advanced neuromuscular therapist at National Holistic Institute in 2021.

She started her prenatal body work journey in 2017 and became more passionate after taking the advanced program. 

Amanda welcomes you onto her table to experience a relaxation massage appropriate for your body's needs. 

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