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My name is Itzpapalotl Jasmin (Obsidian Butterfly), creator of Oxomohco (oh-sho-mo-ko) Birth and Body Work). I am a Certified Massage therapist, birth and postpartum doula, birth educator, womb supporter, Mexican traditional birth and body worker, auntie, sister, daughter, wife, and an active member of my community. ​I studied Massage Therapy in 2015 learning modalities such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, spa, shiatsu, prenatal massage, and trigger point therapy.

The knowledge I gained during this year greatly enhanced my traditional knowledge and now supports and highly benefits the families that I work with, with optimal and affective body and birth work.​Prior to my institutional education of massage therapy, I had been a part of traditional Anahuac danza and ceremony.

From a young age my mother brought my sisters and I around ceremony, and traditional dancing to be integrated into our lives. I have had the honor of walking the Red Road for almost my entire life and have been able to use my teachings in supporting the families that I work with in a very grounding and supportive way.  I do not just go to ceremony and carry myself a certain way when I am present with the fire or my elders, I always carry myself in this way. My ancestors walk with me and support my work every single day. It is important for me to be grounded and in tune with that connection to be able to hear and pay all my attention to the messages they give me. This way I can best support the family I am working with or the individual person. I support woman and families beginning in preconception, during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and up to baby wearing.

The work that I do encompasses Mexican traditions as these are the only ways I know. I serve Santa Clara County and Sacramento County in California.If you feel called to work with me check out my website to schedule a consultation with me or book a body work appointment. I am terribly excited to work with you.  Un abrazo ~Itzpapalotl Jasmin

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