Itzpaplotl Jasmin

Your Massage Therapist and Doula

My name is Itzpapalotl Jasmin and it means, Obsidian Butterfly. I have been a professional massage therapist for five years.

I studied Massage Therapy with Dr. KellyRae Brown at Carrington College in Sacramento in 2015. During the Massage Therapy Program, I partook in many activities which enriched my knowledge in massage: from volunteer massage clinics to chair massages at bike rallies. 

I have carried the fire for 16 years now, and kept fire for women sweat lodges for 2 years. My practice in working with the fire has allowed me to make the connection to the body of when and where to apply heat. In addition, this knowledge has helped me communicate affectively with reading the body to see when and why it needs to be touched and cared for. I am well aware that stress and anxiety has become an epidemic and I have strived to ensure every time my clients get off of the table, they are less stressed and less anxious for the health and safety of self and baby. 

Supporting women in their reproductive stage in life is something that truly fulfills and warms my heart. In the years leading up to massage school, I supported the women in my own family. I have four sisters whom I have assisted and supported during their reproductive stage in life. Although at times, I was too young to offer the hands-on assistance I do today, during those times I was able to offer comfort and emotional support in their times of need. 

I have trained with Mexican traditional birth workers, midwives and doulas and is currently working on her DONA doula certification. As of June 2020, I have assisted with the birth of 10 babies, all resulting in happy, healthy, and safe families. 

I am also knowledgeable in assisting women, in relieving menstrual pains. In the last two years I have familiarized myself with plant medicine and the many great benefits each plant has for women during their moon.  Plant medicine can assist in the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and overall aches. 


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