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Who Else Loves February?

In my immediate family and extended family there are so many birthdays in February!

We have one on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th,9th,10th, 25th, and the 26th.

What is in the air in May/ June? It is a beautiful time of the year!

Do you also celebrate birthdays in February?

Something about celebrating life with family brings me so much joy. Hearing everyone share bits and pieces of their birth story. One of my sisters has 3/4 of her children's birthdays in February. As I enjoy asking my mom about her birth stories, listening to my sisters' experiences is also an important and fun part of February. Listening in on her experience and how it is similar and different in many ways to my mother's experience sparks so much interest and extensive conversations at the dinner table.

My mother shares that she had to have an induction with every one of her pregnancies due to gestational diabetes. Her sugar levels would skyrocket towards the end of her pregnancies putting her life and ours in danger.

She shares; "I hated it! I had to have an induction with each and every one of you and it took FOREVER. You guys would usually take 2/3 days to arrive. When I was pregnant with you, I had gone in for an ultrasound and went home right after. When I got home, I worked on my fish tank. I had a 50-gallon fish tank that I loved, and I knew I had to clean it before you came because once you arrived, I wasn't going to be able to do anything.

I started cleaning my tank and in the middle of that process I get a phone call from the doctor telling me I HAD to come in because my sugar levels were way too high, and your life was at risk. I told him he was crazy; I was in the middle of cleaning my fish tank and I would come in after I was done. When I was done your Tio (uncle) drove me to the hospital, and they began the induction process. They started my I.V and gave me medication through there. I went in on the 8th and you were born on the 9th I felt like you were taking absolutely forever. I would only get up to go to the restroom and was laying down the rest of the time.

"Since I had already gone through this process 3x I knew my body, I knew you were going to take long in coming but once I hit those 5cm you would come quickly. I warned the doctor, but he didn't believe me, and he didn't make it on time for your birth. I was pissed!"

It is very common unfortunately for us to not be taken seriously when we are trying to explain what is going to happen with our bodies. This was not my mother's first rodeo, and she knew just what was going to happen. Even though birth can be very unpredictable, the birthing person always has insider information that no one (not even the fancy hospital machines) can detect, explain, and understand.


Special will be happening on February 9th and the 9th ONLY!

All services purchased on February 9th will receive a 27% discount! You will not have any limit of purchase and you can buy massages for yourself, your friend, your mother, or whomever you wish!

You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy a relaxation massage at Oxomohco and you can book an appointment as far out as you may need.


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