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February Special ❤

The story continues, bur first we take a moment to acknowledge my beautiful niece Ariannas Birthday! The only niece of the family thus far and she is getting so big! Super excited to celebrate her today. 💕

"Veil birth" or "caul birth" have you heard of these terms? This is when baby is being born with an intact water bag. Labor can begin and progress completely without the bags of water breaking. Its amazing how our bodies work! ❤️ My mother shares that she doesn't quit remember if it was my birth or one of my sister's births but one of us was going to arrive in caul. Her medical team was not comfortable supporting this type of birth so they ruptured her water bag so we could continue our journey. According to the National Institute of Health as of 2019, 1 in every 80,000 babies are born in caul. Some people have thought to rely on their bags of water breaking to determine when to go to their place of birth. I have many times shared with the couples I have worked with that this isn't the best way to determine labor progress. Your labor can continue to develop even without the bag of water breaking.

Media does a great job of making us think that labor and birth are scary, painful, and brought on only by a bag if water breaking very dramatically in the middle of a conversation. As we know, not everything we see in the media is real and this is by far the most perfect example of how far from reality this idea is.

Although every birth and body is different, it is very common for labor to begin in the evening or night time. When the body is most relaxed and may be initiated by contractions. Contractions could be very strong and consistent, mom can't get comfortable, can't rest, and definitely can't focus on an activity. These along with possible discharge and possible water rupture are signs of labor progress.

In the case of my mother's birth experience, she didn't have spontaneous water breaking or contractions in the middle of the night until she was admitted into the hospital for her inductions which she shares took many days for us to arrive.


Special will be happening on February 9th and the 9th ONLY!

All services purchased on February 9th will receive a 27% discount! You will not have any limit of purchase and you can buy massages for yourself, your friend, your mother, or whomever you wish!

You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy a relaxation massage at Oxomohco and you can book an appointment as far out as you may need.


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