Yocoya (Creating/Conceiving)

Conceiving Ideas, Projects, or Humans.

Conceiving encompasses all possibilities. Oxomohco supports your goals and provides a space for you to allow your body to relax and release tension. Supporting you in achieving your goals.


Fertility Charting

Have you decided that it is time to conceive? Fertility charting is a tool that can support you in this journey.

At Oxomoco we follow what is commonly known as the Aztec Sun Calendar, its traditional name is Cauhpohualli. This calendar shares with us the energies that are at their peak during different days and times. Each of these energies share with us different qualities of nature which can support our decision of procreation. We are beings of nature who are affected by the moon phases, the sun’s phases, the water levels, the wind, and the fire. This service will provide you and your partner with a personalized birth chart (Tonalamatl) using the Cauhpohualli so that you can sync your fertile days. Knowing what energies resonate best with you will support you in knowing when it will be time to conceive as you wish and please.

Full Body Relaxation Massag

When we are physically working, we are using all 700 muscles in our bodies.
This massage can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improve circulation and flexibility while easing tension.
Treat yourself to a full-body relaxation massage to support your hard work and determination and help avoid burnout.
You can support your body in avoiding injuries both physical and emotional.
As we strive to cultivate ideas, complete projects, or even bear a child, our body begins to overwork. Worrying about discomfort in the physical body hinders us from being able to reach our goals. Allowing yourself to relax and release tension can boost your energy and keep you on track to fulfilling your goals. Your therapist will be using effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, and kneading of your muscles to support deep relaxation during your massage.


Womb Massage

When was the last time you touched or massaged your womb? 
Have you ever considered your abdominal area may need some attention? 
Our abdominal area is a very special piece of our bodies and needs so much attention. 
Our food is being processed through here, our emotions run wild here, passions flourish here, and creations develop here. 
Take the time to allow yourself some self care. Allow your body to release stagnant emotions and fears that may be stored in this area that no longer serve you. Make room for new emotions and creations to come through. 
This massage can support your body in improving circulation, releasing adhesions, releasing tension, improving digestion and improving fertility/easing conceiving

Rebozo Massage

A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican garment that has been used for centuries to help support comfort in the body. Our bodies go out of alignment with our day to day tasks. When working, our bodies go into unnatural positions and aches and pains arise. Our bodies become stiff and the lower back, hips, and neck and shoulders may feel it the most. This massage supports your body in easing discomforts and releasing tension and stiffness in the body. 
The Rebozo is used to gently sway, rock, wrap, and hold the body allowing the body to relax and release.  This massage is ideal for anyone dealing with anxiety, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, or postpartum. 
Rebozo and Womb Massage pair extremely well together.


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