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Prenatal Massage

1 hr appointment (50mins hands on massage)

  • 1 hour
  • 120 US dollars
  • Oxomohco

Service Description

Your body has been working so hard to create this beautiful new being and is getting ready to bring them Earth side. You deserve to allow your body to relax. Relieve some weight from your back, neck, shoulders and feet. Your body has been going through so many changes, some time on the massage table can help reduce stress, support emotional state, reduce anxiety and induce relaxation. FAQ; Is pregnancy massage safe? -It is safe for you to receive a pregnancy massage at any point during your pregnancy. Your massage will be adapted to your specific needs as you will have a mini- interview with your therapist before getting onto the table. During this time your therapist will ask you questions and ensure it is safe to continue the service; and she will give you time and space to ask questions as well. Will I be laying on my belly? -At no point during your pregnancy will a pregnancy massage require you to lay on your belly. Prenatal massage is done laying on your side with appropriate pillows allocated for your comfort. Will I be laying on my back? -If you choose to receive belly massage you will be properly cushioned and laying on your back for no more than 5-10min. It is said to not be safe to lay flat on your back for an extended period of time during your 2nd or 3rd trimester which is way you will not be in this position longer than 10min. In addition, you will be properly cushioned to avoid any potential discomfort or harm to you or your baby. Will my belly be massage? -Belly massage is completely up to you. You have the option of a belly massage, and your therapist will check in with you before the massage and during the massage to ensure it is something you want to continue with. Is belly massage safe? -The belly massage provided by Jasmin at Oxomohco is perfectly safe during any part of your pregnancy. The massage is very gently and slow as to not potentially cause nausea or discomfort. In addition, this massage will not be impacting your baby as she will not be moving your baby at all. The intention of this part of the massage is to release tension in the hips and ribs. It is a very gentle massage, and she will be checking in with you at all times. She will also invite you to feel what she is feeling and teach you how to massage your belly at home. You can always say no to belly massage as this is your session and your body. You are not obligated to have anything done to you which you do not wish to receive. You can always ask questions!

Cancellation Policy

Appointments may be cancelled without charge up to 24 hours before the appointment’s scheduled start time. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ advance notice will be charged a Late Cancellation fee up to the full cost of the booked session.

Contact Details

  • Oxomohco Massage Therapy, El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA, USA


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