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What was the world like? Birthday Celebration. Wait what about caffeine?

Updated: May 3, 2023

It was Thursday Feb 2, 1995, my mom was about 37 weeks pregnant with me.

I wonder what her days looked like, what she felt as I grew bigger and heavier. As we got closer to Labor Day, what were her thoughts and her needs in those times.

As I shared previously, I am the 4th daughter of 5. When my mother was pregnant with me, she had a 12yr old, an 8yr old, and a 6yr old in addition to a business of her own.

She was most likely very tired, feeling heavy and moving slowly. Her rest may have been limited since my sisters must have had to go to school and the store my mother owned at the time had to be opened.

Her store was called La Canasta (The Basket), it was a small but successful store which she does not remember how she got it started. As a business owner myself, I am always intrigued with how she managed to have a successful establishment and when I ask the business questions, she doesn't remember clearly and times where very different. BUT this story isn't about the business LOL

Although being a business owner and having a growing family did impact my mother's experience a bit. She was definitely not expecting me as her youngest at the time was 6 yrs. old. She thought she was done having children, but she had me and my younger sister still completing her family with 5 daughters.

Do you remember what it was like when you found out you were pregnant? With any of your pregnancies?

My mom shares with me that she never took a home pregnancy test with any of my sister or me.

My older sister was 6 at the time and my parents were not trying to conceive. She wasn't feeling too well and decided to go to the doctor. At her appointment they suggested to do a pregnancy test. My mom thought they were crazy, and when her test came back positive, she broke down. She was not expecting me at all.

She shared the news with my father, and I continued to grow. My momma had cravings during pregnancy & the craziest thing is, I have the same random cravings during my moon time.

At La Canasta, she had a little cup of coffee grounds, and she LOVED eating them. Every one of her pregnancies caused this random craving and now her and I share this love for not only coffee but coffee grains. Below I will share a little information on caffeine and pregnancy.


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Caffeine during pregnancy? Is that even safe? Well, the thing about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is that you will always find hundreds of articles online for caffeine and hundreds of articles against it. You will find many resources and research, and medical support for both sides, ill share some links below. However, the most important thing is to consider your individual situation.

I always share with the families that I work with, check in with your own body and health, your medical team, and support team and decide if this is a healthy and safe options for you.

What works for you and this particular pregnancy may not work for the next person or the next pregnancy. Every single experience is unique on all levels, and this is where your parenting comes in, in making the right decision for you and your family.

Everyone will always have their own opinion and you know what else people do not take into consideration. Culture! What is your lifestyle like and what does your body recognize because of your cultural practices?

Some food for thought as you navigate such a beautiful time in your life that can also be filled with confusion as everyone wants to give you their own opinion on the things you should or shouldn't do.

It is truly important for you to have the tools and resources available to make an informed decision on your health and your babies health based on your individual experience.

Check out some of these websites that talk about caffeine and pregnancy only if you truly want some support in deciding on your diet. If you trust your gut and want to follow your own intuition in making this decision no need to click below.

Caffeine Resources

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