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She was born how?

Today is the day! My favorite day of the year, the day I celebrate my mother for going through such a difficult ceremony and bringing me earth side. Gracias Mama!

Today marks the anniversary of my beautiful mother's journey to bring yet another being earth side.

The day she chooses to continue her journey of motherhood and bring me down from the stars. Despite her discomforts, despite being tired, despite all the barriers that crossed our path this day, she brought me here.

Today I took my first birth, taking in all the love, energy, and life in a split second. Continuing my own journey now earth side.

Today is my favorite day ever and I don't know why yet. I don't know what it is about the beauty of birth that brings me so much joy and happiness.

I am so grateful to be here today and to have so many beautiful people in my life! Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of it and for supporting me.

To my parents for choosing and loving me, my partner, my friends, and family.

My mother shares with me that I was almost born in my bag of water! Can you imagine?

"Veil birth" or "caul birth" is what this type of birth is called.

This is when baby is being born with an intact water bag. Labor can begin and progress completely without the bags of water breaking. It's amazing how our bodies work!

Her medical team was not comfortable supporting this type of birth so they ruptured her water bag so we could continue our journey.

According to the National Institute of Health as of 2019 1 in every 80,000 babies are born in caul.

Some people have thought to rely on their bags of water breaking to determine when to go to their place of birth. Understandably, since this is the way, the media shows us that birth happens right? This isn't, however, always the case, your baby can be born in their bag of water.

I hope you have enjoyed these stories from my mother. I will continue to share as she has shared with me about her postpartum experience. We will see what new information she shares this year.

I was born at 1:46pm on her 2nd day of induction.

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