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Woohoo you are pregnant! Now What?

Congratulations! Pregnancy is not always easy for everybody, and it can take time and many resources to get that positive to show up on a test.

Now you are pregnant what do you do. now?

Once my mother found out she was pregnant she continued her regular doctor routine. Doing as they told her and having her checks ups as they told her she needed them. She developed gestation diabetes with all of us and her doctors told her she had to be induced because of this. Her sugar levels would skyrocket towards the end of her pregnancies putting her life and ours in danger.


*I want to share with you all these 2 articles shared by Evidence Based Birth on the topic. *

EBB 78 - The Evidence on Labor Induction for Gestational Diabetes - Evidence Based Birth®

EBB 59 - Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes - Evidence Based Birth®


She shares; "I hated it! I had to have an induction with each and every one of you and it took FOREVER. You guys would usually take 2/3 days to arrive. When I was pregnant with you, I had gone in for an ultrasound and went home right after. When I got home, I worked on my fish tank. I had a 50-gallon fish tank that I loved, and I knew I had to clean it before you came because once you arrived, I wasn't going to be able to do anything. I started cleaning my tank and in the middle of that process I get a phone call from the doctor telling me I HAD to come in because my sugar levels were way too high, and your life was at risk. I told him he was crazy; I was in the middle of cleaning my fish tank and I would come in after I was done. When I was done your Tio (uncle) drove me to the hospital, and they began the induction process. They started my I.V and gave me medication through there. I went in on the 8th and you were born on the 9th I felt like you were taking absolutely forever. I would only get up to go to the restroom and was laying down the rest of the time.

"Since I had already gone through this process 3x I knew my body, I knew you were going to take long in coming but once I hit those 5cm you would come quickly. I warned the doctor, but he didn't believe me, and he didn't make it on time for your birth. I was pissed!"


It is very common unfortunately for us to not be taken seriously when we are trying to explain what is going to happen with our bodies. This was not my mother's first rodeo, and she knew just what was going to happen. Even though birth can be very unpredictable, the birthing person always has insider information that no one (not even the fancy hospital machines) can detect, explain, and understand.

I often wonder what her experience would have been had she received personalized holistic care. What if my mother knew she had the option of midwifery care. Would she have had the option of a home birth in the safety and comfort of her own home with my sisters close by?

Now of course due to her sugar levels this would have been closed monitored for everyone safety but what happens when we don't have those risks? I want for families to simply know that they have options. To ask for a second opinion when something does not feel right, or they no longer feel comfortable with their care provider.

I have taken the time and energy to put together this ever-growing list of resources for you, your friends, and families who are planning or are already growing their families.

I invite you to share it with those that you know so we can simply spread the word of options. You are never obligated to stay with the care provider you began with at any point in your pregnancy and I encourage you to have a team supporting your personal wants and needs.


A gift for Tia Jasmin?

I am so glad you asked! I am feeling extra blessed this year and so happy to say I am currently not in need of anything. I have however been thinking of the following.

In 2019 I was looking for a studio to rent for my business. I found what I thought was a great place and I went ahead with the process. When I was writing the lease agreement with the manager of the place, she asked me the name of my business. I told her "Oxomohco" (OH-SHO-MO-KO) and she turned to look at me and said, "What?" I repeated the name to her, and she rolled her eyes at me saying, "No one is going to remember that."

I have now been in business as Oxomohco Birth & Body Work in my own office since 2020 and have served many families.

With that being said, I would like to invite you to send me pictures and or videos of you and or your babies saying the name of my business. Write a review if you have not already and help up lift my small Indigenous business.

You can send these pictures and videos via email, Instagram, or the WhatsApp.

(I am not an Apple person, so no texts, SORRY!)

Continue to support my small business and share my work with others. It is not easy running a small business but each of you make it so worth it!

Thank you for your support!

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