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Jasmin's Reopening

I am so excited to be back at work!

I had to take a very unexpected medical leave and I am doing much better, feeling stronger and with the needed energy to get back to work and continue to support the families I have the privilege of working with.

Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support during this time. Particularly to Maria and Byanca for stepping in to see my clients while I was not able to. If you have not already, please be sure to check out their website and leave them a review if you had the chance to work with them.


On my journey back to work I have so many projects I would love to get done. I am sharing these details with you all to hold myself accountable and also to invite your support as I get my ducks in a row. In addition, I invite you to participate and share with your friends and family about the work I am doing. I greatly appreciate your continued support.

Appointment availability

The calendar is now open and up to date for all current, returning, and new clients. I am offering prenatal massage, postpartum in-home massage, birth doula support, and postpartum doula support. The calendar usually gets booked quickly and I am calling in that energy so please be sure to request your appointments as soon as possible.

I have updated the services with FAQs to answer some of your questions however, if you

have any other questions you can always book a consultation with me to review with you.

If you had your baby within the last year, please note you are always welcome to come into the studio to receive a full body relaxation massage. I have added a service called "Mother Massage" for anyone who is not pregnant or recently postpartum. This service is provided in the studio and can be booked for 1 hour or 90 minutes.

Postpartum Massage Package

I have had many requests for daily massage upon my return, due to the high demand I am now adding this package to my postpartum care options. If you are interested in receiving the details of this service, please be sure to set up a consultation with me under the service tab to discuss this option and ensure that I am able to provide you with this care.

Facebook mothers' group

I have created a Facebook mothers' group for the families I have had the opportunity to work with. I have shared with some of you previously that I would add you to the group and I apologize greatly if I did not get around to it. Please use the link below to join if you wish.

I have made this group with the intention of helping new and growing families to connect with others in the area. Please use this space to ask questions, ask for referrals and resource for mom care and baby care and OF COURSE dad or other parent care. It is important to me for us to have community during such a special time and I encourage you to use this space to build community.

I currently do not have anyone administrating this group so if anyone is interested in doing so, please let me know. This would be a volunteer opportunity to inspire conversation in the group, share reminders of events that Oxomohco may be having or other events in the area, share resources for others, and direct the group if needed.

Lastly, please feel free to use this platform to keep Tia Jasmin up to date with your beautiful families. It is such an honor and a blessing to be a part of your lives during such a special time and time passes us by ever so quickly. I would love to hear about your babies' reaching milestones and continue to be in communication with you all and your growing families. You are absolutely not obligated to but if you feel called to please feel free to share.

If you do not have Facebook no worries! The only other platform I will create a group for us to be in contact on would be the Next-door App. If this is something you would like or prefer, please vote below and I will be sure to make that happen.

I would like to join the group on

  • Facebook

  • Next Door App.

Monthly walking Group

In an effort to continue to support the families I am working and have worked with to build community and to not feel alone during a very special time that can sometimes be difficult I will be organizing a monthly walking group. I am considering doing one group in the Fremont region and another in Sunnyvale as I have clients in both regions that may have some difficulties going to one town or another.

I will be posting these details on the Oxomohco Mommies group as well as on my Instagram. I will do my best to send out reminder emails for those interested but these platforms may be the most efficient.

You and your babies are welcome to join while pregnant, or postpartum. There are no limits as to how many years postpartum you are so, please known you are always welcome.

I have shared conversation with many mothers who really liked this idea. They have shared feelings of being lonely with their children at home and having others to socialize with sounds very helpful and supportive.

Due to the weather shifting soon I may wait for the new year however a walk in Nov and Dec may be doable pending the weather during the morning or daytime. I hope this is something you will all enjoy and be able to join me in at least one time.

Donation Box

How quickly are your babies growing? How many things have you purchased during pregnancy and postpartum that you thought you were going to used but never even unboxed? It is very easy and quick for us to accumulate things we thought we needed but never actually did. It is also very easy for us to miss the moment baby fits into something and then they hit a growth spurt, and nothing fits anymore.

For these occasions and many others, I have created a donation box in the office. If you or a family, you know is in need of baby items please know that the wooden chest at the office is slowly filling with gently and new baby and mom items for you to take and use. You are welcome to go through the box and take what you need.

"Today for you, tomorrow for me."

If you have items that you are wanting to donate, please note you can also drop them off at the office. The only way I will pick up the items from you is if I am doing a home visit. I will not be able to make special trip to do a donation pick up. You can always leave at the office door as well if you in the area at any time.

Another effort to continue building community, my vision is for all families to know that they always have options and resources to turn to in their time of need. Although pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a very special time and an ideal situation would be perfection at every corner, we all know the reality is that is not true. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be very difficult for some of us and having people and spaces for us to turn to when we encounter these difficulties could make this time just a little bit easier.

Store inventory update

If you are not aware, I do have a shop set up only on my website for you to purchase items. I have so much inventory that I have not made the time to update, please be on the lookout for those items to be updated in the store. I will definitely share a reminder email as soon as that is updated.

I hope all of these resources are put to good use and that you, your family, friends, and neighbors are able to take advantage of them.

I am working very hard to get these and many other projects up and running. Your continued business and support will make that happen for us all in the very near future.

I am very excited to be back at work and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Sending you all a big hug.

With so much love,

Tia Jasmin

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