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Birthday Celebration

Welcome to my favorite month of the year!

As you may have seen in today's email, this month is my birth month and we have so much to celebrate!

I will be sharing with you all daily, a piece of my mother's story. Every year I love sitting with her and asking her all of the details of her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

I hope you will enjoy these stories and join me in celebrating our own births. Many people do not like to celebrate their birthdays especially as they grow older, but not here at Oxomohco.

Here, we celebrate life everyday regardless of your age.

I would like to start off by sharing with you all the special which will be happening on February 9th and the 9th ONLY!

All services purchased on February 9th will receive a 27% discount! You will not have any limit of purchase and you can buy massages for yourself, your friend, your mother, or whomever you wish!

You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy a relaxation massage at Oxomohco and you can book an appointment as far out as you may need.



I would like to start these stories by introducing myself and my beautiful mother. My name is Itzpapalotl Jasmin, and my mother's name is Graciela, I am her fourth daughter of five.

That is correct, my parents had 5 girls. Ever since my mother and I could remember when February came around, I would begin to ask her all about her experience with me. At first, she was a little confused and hesitant on answer my questions as none of my others sister had ever asked her these things before. She also hadn't taken the time to really think about these things and definitely didn't share the details with many people.

I think many times with birth experiences being was raw, naked, painful, and bloody, we try to spare those details and not share too much of the experience when asked about it. We tend to share only the beautiful, warm, and reliving feelings of receiving our children when asked about their birth.

The most famous information we share, weight, height, and gender!

I understood how these questions took my mother by surprise and I have really enjoyed talking to her every year and learning something new every year because she feels a little more comfortable sharing the details with me.

I have also grown a little more knowledgeable as the years have passed and have been able to ask some better formatted questions to her so that she can share with me her experience.

I hope these stories inspire you to create a connection with your mother &/or parents to get a little insight on how you came to be and your arrival to this Earth. If you feel called to ask about your experience, please be sure to share with me.

On Instagram you can use #OxomohcoBirth to share your stories, comment below, or join Oxomohco Mommies FB group. I would love to hear what you all learn this month.

Below you will see an image of me with my mother in 2021 celebrating my birthday. She wore my favorite color on this day, and we had to capture the moment. We enjoyed some coffee in downtown Gilroy and talked about her birth experience. Throughout the years she has also shared her experience with my sisters. her 5 births tend to blur at times and clarifies to me that she isn't sure of this happened with me or one of my sisters. You may see that many times throughout the stories.

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