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A Gift for Tia Jasmin

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

A gift for Tia Jasmin? I am so glad you asked! I am feeling extra blessed this year and so happy to say I am currently not in need of anything.

Last year I gave you all a gift, 27% discount on all purchases made on Feb 9. This year I would like to ask you all for one small gift... Continue to support my small business.

You can support my small business by doing one or all of the following:

  • Write a review of your experience on Yelp &/or Google.

  • Tell your friends and family about my work.

  • Post on social media about your experience with me and tag @ Oxmohco

  • Make a monetary donation via Venmo @ Oxmohco.

All current donations will go towards expanding my business. I am working on hiring and training new therapist, expanding my office, and covering marketing costs. As you all know, I truly enjoy what I do and, in an effort, to serve more families I need more aunties and uncles to help me out. I am working on growing my team here at Oxomohco and your support can truly help me get there.

  • Book an appointment with me.

You do not have to be pregnant or recently postpartum to enjoy a massage!

  • Send me pictures &/or videos saying the name of my business.

In 2019 I was looking for a studio to rent for my business. I found what I thought was a great place and I went ahead with the process. When I was writing the lease agreement with the manager of the place, she asked me the name of my business. I told her "Oxomohco" (OH-SHO-MO-KO), and she turned to look at me and said, "What?" I repeated the name to her, and she rolled her eyes at me saying, "No one is going to remember that." I laugh about this story now but in the moment I was shocked. I had no words for the woman as I had worked so hard to find a name that was appropriate for my work, and it identified my lineage.

I am so proud to share with you all that I have now been in business as Oxomohco Birth & Body Work in my own office since 2020 and have served countless number of families.

I would like to invite you to send me pictures &/or videos of you &/or your babies saying the name of my business. Write a review if you have not already and help up lift my small Indigenous business. You can send these pictures and videos via email, Instagram, or the WhatsApp. (I am not an Apple person, so no texts, SORRY!)

Continue to support my small business and share my work with others. It is not easy running a small business but each of you make it so worth it! Thank you for your support!

I hope you can take a minute to send me a gift. Either way I greatly appreciate your time, energy and support of me, my work, and my small business.

Sending you and your beautiful families a big hug!

-Tia Jasmin


What does Oxomohco Mean?

Oxomohco is pronounced oh- sho-mo-ko and it is a Nahuatl word, one of the indigenous languages of Mexico. As many of you know, translating a word from our native language to English can be very difficult and so much meaning is lost in translation. I will do my best to explain this word in English and for those who speak Spanish, I will share my teacher's Spanish description below.

Oxomohco is a synonym for mother earth. In the Indigenous Mexican culture, we believe everything has a duality, good and bad, cold and hot, male and female. Oxomohco refers to the female energy that creates life. It could be understood as the layer of the atmosphere that allows for life to exist. When we get too high in the sky, we are not able to breath on our own, when we go underground or under water the same thing happens. However, when we walk this land, we have no issue existing, and we create our own path. That is Oxomohco, this beautiful place we get to call home.

Maestro Arturo Mesa Guiterrez says in his book, "Arte de calcular el Cauhpohualli La Cuenta Del Tiempo," Page 76, he wrote, "Oxomohco: Es la parte femenina de la tierra, donde los ancestros trazaron con sus pies las veredas. Representa para nosotros los caminos de la vida que cotidianamente recorremos."

Literal translation: Oxomohco: It is the feminine part of the earth, where the ancestors traced the paths with their feet. It represents for us the paths of life that we travel daily."

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