Otztiliztli (Pregnancy)

Blessings to you on this beautiful day.
It is a priority for me to support you during such a special time in your life. You deserve the birth you want!


Birth Options

As you embrace this new chapter of your life Oxomohco is here to support you. Birth has happened since the beginning of time and today we have a vast majority of birthing options. We can birth our babies at home, in a hospital, in water, on a hammock, sitting, standing or squatting. You can birth your baby as your please! This service is a consultation where we will discuss your wishes and desires for your birth and Itzpapalotl will provide local resources, information, and options to ensure you are able to achieve your ideal birthing environment.


Birth Planning

A birth plan is created by the family with the support of their doula.
A birth plan can support you in feeling comfortable advocating for you and your baby during labor.
We will create and build your dream birth plan which will include questions for your care provider, and labor positions for comfort.
This process will provide guidance in understanding the risks, benefits and alternatives to many routine interventions.
Your birth plan will support you in preparing for informed consent before, during and after labor


Doula Consultation

Birth is a ceremony and it is a priority for me to support you during such a special time in your life. You deserve the birth you want! A Doula can provide you with emotional, spiritual, physical, and informational support during such a special time. It is ideal that we speak about your wishes and desires before you choose me as your doula. 
Our meeting can be in person, via video call or phone call during this COVID pandemic. 
During our meeting we will acquaint ourselves with one another and discuss your birth wishes. 

As a doula I provide the following services which can be booked individually or as a packet;
*Massage Therapy
*Pre- Natal Visits
*Postpartum visits
*Discuss and understand family’s expectations of one another and of myself as your Doula
*Create and complete a comprehensive birth plan*Discuss Plan A, B, & C in case of emergency and family’s wishes on how to proceed
*Create a clear and open communication with birthing team to ensure the birthing experience desired
*Provide relaxation activities for family to practice before birth
*Answer any questions or concerns the family has in preparation for birth
*Provide Comfort and relaxation techniques 
*Traditional Mexican Rebozo work
*On call 2 weeks before due date and 2 weeks after
*Hold sacred space for your birthing ceremony
*Provide continuous support 
*Relaxation techniques to ensure concentration and grounding
*Relaxation activities to minimize discomfort
*Affirmations to be recited during labor
*Position options to support the descent of baby and mom’s comfort
*Provide information and resources when needed 
*Allow partner breaks if they need to step away for whatever reason
*Feed mom snacks and water when needed (mom’s choice)
*Belly Binding
*Bone- Closing Ceremony
*Warming Herbal Body Bath
*Cuarentena Support
*Mother Blessing Ceremony


Pre- Natal Relaxation Massage

Your body has been working so hard to create this beautiful new being and is getting ready to bring them Earth side. You deserve to allow your body to relax. Relieve some weight from your back, neck, shoulders and feet. Your body has been going through so many changes, some time on the massage table can help reduce stress, support emotional state, reduce anxiety and induce relaxation.


Rebozo Massage

A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican garment that has been used for centuries to help support comfort in the body. Our bodies go out of alignment with our day to day tasks. When working, our bodies go into unnatural positions and aches and pains arise. Our bodies become stiff and the lower back, hips, and neck and shoulders may feel it the most. This massage supports your body in easing discomforts and releasing tension and stiffness in the body. 
The Rebozo is used to gently sway, rock, wrap, and hold the body allowing the body to relax and release.  This massage is ideal for anyone dealing with anxiety, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, or postpartum. 
Rebozo and Womb Massage pair extremely well together.


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